Travertine Marble Pool Deck

Creating a pool deck is an important step while constructing or remodeling your home. The area should match the style of the home and also be fully usable as a functional and recreational space for you and your family. You can use various materials to create the deck, but nothing beats the understated class and elegance of a travertine or marble deck. The natural and hardy materials come in a range of colors and styles that allow you to build a well-designed space where you would love to spend your time.

Travertine Locator brings a range of options in travertine and marble for our customers to create their pool deck. It is essential that people use the right styles and designs that go with the overall styling and color of the exteriors of the house. We provide tiles, pavers, pool copings, stones and other accessories that you can use to build the perfect deck.

For those of you wondering which one of the materials to use, it may make sense to visit our stores or talk to our experts for the best option for you. Each material has its unique pros and cons and knowing them will make it easier for you to decide between them. Here are a few pointers on the materials to help you get an idea on the material that will suit your deck the best.

Travertine: The material is more porous than marble and is less resistant to absorbing or conducting heat. It can have both a natural unpolished finish or you can opt for a polished look. Travertine is a good option for outdoor spaces such as swimming pools as its rough surface prevents any slippage and the variations in color and style make it ideal for the outside. In fact, travertine decks are one of the most sought-after spaces in high-end homes. Travertine Locator provides you with additional products such as travertine pool copings for you to get the perfect travertine deck.

Marble: The material is known for its hardiness and distinctive colors patterns that appear as streaks in the stone. Marble has gray or black streaks running across the entire surface. It is less porous than travertine though its smooth texture does not make it very ideal for use in a pool due to its slipperiness. You can opt for a rougher texture for your marble deck as it will not have a smooth surface and prevent any slippage.

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