Terms of Sales


Questions regarding natural color, quality, or format of material must be resolved prior to material installation.  Installation of material constitutes the acceptance and no claims will be made thereafter.  All concerns regarding acceptance of material must be resolved within 72 hours of the delivery date.


Every sales require all the paperwork such as credit card authorizations, invoices & estimates to be signed and dated by the customers prior to processing and shipping with no exceptions. Unfortunately, verbal agreements will not be accepted without the signatures on the proper paperwork. This is to ensure the customers agree and accept the correct order has been placed, and to avoid any misunderstanding or mistake during the process.

If you are purchasing materials marked or advertised as :closeouts, clearance, commercial grades, please acknowledge that these materials are sold AS IS and are not returnable due to the low pricing or we are no longer stocking that particular travertine color. In these cases its always best to have a sample sent to you to see the color variations and textures before you buy.

For any returned check a $25 bank surcharge will be imposed. For a personal bank check, we usually need to have 7 business days to clear the check before the shipment. To get immediate shipping, money order, bank checks, wire transfer or credit card payment are accepted as well.

Since we are dealing with natural stone products such as marble and travertine, they have inherent characteristics like color, texture, veining that will vary from one batch to another and even from one tile to another. No one tile is identical to another. Each piece is as unique as a fingerprint thus the very reason why natural stone is so popular.




All orders are processed within 24 hours except on weekends and holidays.


  • Customers have a 3 business days to return materials without any fees.
  • Sample orders are ok to return between the 30 days period without the 25% fee.
  • After 3 days and between the 30 days there is a 25% re-stocking fee.
  • After 30 days returns are not acceptable.

Non-Returns Items:

  • Sealers
  • Sales
  • Clearance material & Thin set bags are not returnable.


  • Orders less than $150.00 can be done same day at the time of the return.
  • Order over $150.00 Stone Mart will issue a check. Need to forward credit memo with instructions to HR Department


Travertine Locator is in no way liable or responsible for any cost or damages accrued due to shortages or overage of material.  Purchaser assumes all responsibility regarding quantity of material ordered.


All material purchased from Travertine Locator is subject to availability at the time the material is scheduled to leave our warehouses.  If a specific material is no longer available, Travertine Locator reserves the right to offer an alternative material with prior notification and notice to the consumer.


All pricing is subject to change without prior notice.  All Special Order or Custom Fabrication Orders must be paid in full, and are not subject to a refund for any reason.


Travertine Locator will in no event be liable for any damages to material after material has left our facility.  Travertine Locator makes no warranties as to  material for any particular purpose.


Consistent will all floor coverings, wear, crazing, scratching, etc. may occur over the life of the stone.  Travertine Locator is not liable for any outside influence causing wear to the stone.


Material must be paid in full before any Special Order or Customer Order can be processed.  Special Orders and Custom Orders cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason.


All pricing is Free On Board via our facility.  Travertine Locator is not liable for any damage occurred during the freight process.  All claims must be made in writing to the carrier immediately.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make arrangements to unload all material as the freight forwarder takes no responsibility for the disembark of material.


Travertine Locator is not responsible for any damages to samples due to freight.  All samples are sent to reflect crated material, however natural stone varies, and Travertine Locator is not liable for any inconsistencies in the material.


Travertine Locator is not liable for any delivery delays, delivery damages, or failure to deliver material due to acts of God, Government, labor disputes, transportation issues, etc. involved during the logistics of material.


It is understood that purchases are made on terms of the above terms, conditions, and warranties contained herein.  In the event of any conflict, the above terms and conditions take precedence over any buyer’s agreement form.  No terms or conditions can be modified without written consent from both Travertine Locator and its customer.