Revamp the Entrance to Your Home with a Travertine Driveway

In the past, there were only a couple of different options for driveway designs: concrete or asphalt. Today there are several innovative ideas for driveway designs that have gained popularity. Among the more popular types of driveway today is the travertine driveway, and at Travertine Locator we have everything you need to give your home a unique and dramatic entrance as well as one that is functional and durable!

Your Driveway Solution

There are some things to keep in mind when you are planning to build a new driveway, and at Travertine Locator, we have already taken these into consideration for you. The shape of your driveway will depend upon the location of your garage or any other easements on the property. You want to create your driveway to last despite the wear and tear that takes place due to exposure to the outdoors. Our travertine pavers come in many different designs to offer you a driveway solution that will fit your requirements no matter what they may be.

French Pattern Paver

Our French pattern paver is a perfect option for a natural looking, one of a kind travertine driveway. If you are looking to completely rebuild your driveway, this option is best for you! Our interlocking travertine stone tiles are easy to assemble and designed for high-traffic outdoor areas. We have a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes that will help you to create a truly unique design.

Chiseled Pavers and Tumbled Pavers

Travertine stone pavers are perfect to add to the design of your preexisting driveway. Chiseled and tumbled travertine pavers provide an elegant and long lasting decorative accent or trim to any part of your property. Chiseled pavers come in lighter tones and have expert chiseled edges which offer many options with installation and grout. They leave separations that are more dramatic between tiles, thus lacking the traditional aesthetic of straight cut stones. Tumbled pavers are designed to add a more sophisticated aesthetic to your home.

Quality You Deserve at Prices That Will Make You Smile

At Travertine Locator we have a solution for you whether you want to completely rebuild your driveway or just add some decorative touches to your existing one. A travertine driveway is the ultimate option for an elegant, unique, and modern look that is durable and affordable. Every piece of travertine stone we handle is hand inspected to ensure the highest quality and offered to you at the lowest discounted price. We also provide free samples for any of our products. Try us and see the difference a travertine driveway can make for your home!