Marble and Travertine in Louisiana

Louisiana is known for its beautiful architecture and ornate buildings and it is perfect for the look of natural stone. Particularly it is well suited for travertine and marble. From the Louisiana Gulf coast norther borders with Arkansas and Mississippi Travertine Locator is your best source for quality stone at the lowest price.

The French Creole architecture used in everything from plantation style mansions to small 1 and 2 bedroom homes lends itself to the use of natural stone in ways few other styles do. In fact, one of the most popular styles of installing tiles and pavers is in a pattern called the “French Pattern”. Many of the palaces of France were built using travertine and marble and they still look amazing today and many have the French Pattern that you can have in your home or business taking Louisiana back to it’s roots.

Travertine Locator sells many colors of our tiles and pavers in the French Pattern. This pattern is made up of four different sized tiles 2 – 8” x 8”, 2 – 8” x 16”, 2 – 16” x 16” and 1 – 16” x 24” make up what is called a “bundle” and 2 bundles make up a “set”. Each set covers 16 square feet. But French Pattern is just one suggestion. You can do a straight lay that is your typical grid pattern, there is the diagonal, the basket weave (herring bone) and the running bond just to name a few. Speak with your stone specialist to learn more.

Travertine Locator sells travertine and marble tiles and pavers to all of Louisiana at a discounted price because we are the direct importer and distributor. There are no middlemen marking up the price of our products. That is why you can get first quality stone at what the others are selling their entry grade products for.

We also stock more stone than most everyone. We have over 5 million square feet in stock and ship over 6 million per year! No one sells more quality stone than Travertine Locator. You can rest assured you are getting the highest quality at the best price.

So if you are remodeling or even in a new build? Now is the time to check out how you can add this level of luxury you probably didn’t think was in your price range. There is a wide range of colors from the near white of our Shell Stone or Ivory to the dark chocolate shades of Noce or Roman Blend. And if you are looking for something that has some impact check out the Leonardo with tan and splashes of reds and blacks or Gold or even Autumn Blend with vibrant Golds and Reds. Travertine Tiles work great in:
• Foyer
• Kitchens
• Bath
• Dens

And if you like the more contemporary look for inside we also offer Marble Tiles in Ephesus, White Pearl, Ocean Blue, Cappuccino, Emperador and the new Diana Royal. They are great for:
• Bedrooms
• Living rooms
• Dining Rooms

Our Travertine and Marble Pavers are the idea product for exterior applications.
• Pool Decks
• Pool Coping
• Patio
• Lanai
• Walk Way
• Driveway

If you are in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Shreveport or any of the small towns and parishes all throughout Louisiana and are looking for something that will make your home your castle? Look no further than real, natural stone from Travertine Locator. It is affordable luxury we all deserve. Call and speak to your stone specialist today!