French Pattern Travertine Pavers

Give Your Home an Elegant and Unique Look with a French Pattern Paver

A French pattern paver is the popular and affordable option for anyone who wants to give their property a unique and clean look. Also known as Roman pattern, Versailles pattern, and Ashlar pattern, this style of flooring looks as elegant as it sounds. If you are looking to give a more unique design to your property, these pavers offer a more creative and modern option for your flooring than just a typical straight lay design.

Premium Solution for Outdoor Flooring

While the tile pattern that we offer is very popular for indoor flooring, our pavers at Travertine Locator are designed to be used outdoors. Our travertine stone is of the highest quality and our French pattern pavers are thick to support outdoor conditions naturally. If you have been looking for a unique pattern in a natural stone floor, the premium solution is a French pattern paver. At Travertine Locator we want to help you transform your property to give it a chic and luxurious look. With our French pattern paver you will be able to create the perfect pattern to enhance your property’s look using our simple interlocking tiles.

French Pattern












A Wide Variety of One-of-a-Kind Designs

In addition to our wide variety of styles, shades, and colors, our premium tiles are designed for indoor and outdoor application so that you can give your entire property a cohesive and complimentary look. Each travertine stone tile has its own unique look, which is due to the natural elements of the beautiful travertine stone, so your floors are guaranteed always to be one-of-a-kind!

High Quality, Low Price

At Travertine Locator, we make sure that each tile of your French pattern paver is hand inspected and of the highest quality! You can order a free sample of any of our French pattern paver tiles to see for yourself that our products are durable enough to withstand the elements over time. Not only do we offer the lowest prices for travertine stone tiles and pavers, our packages are simple to install, anyone can do it! Whether you are looking for tumbled, polished, filled and honed, or brushed and chiseled tiles, we have everything you need to create an elegant look for your home at the lowest discounted prices. With colors ranging from tan, medium, light, or dark, there is a look that is sure to suit every part of your property. We are here to help you give your home and property the natural and beautiful look it needs inside and out.