For the Strongest and Most Beautiful Pool Copings, Try Travertine Stone

Pool copings, otherwise known as the edging of the pool, are a seemingly small but very important finishing touch to every swimming pool. This little embellishment serves many different purposes. Pool copings cover the rough concrete edges of bond beams, conceal any steel that may be projecting from the walls of the pool, and prevent water from seeping in behind the shell of the pool. When copings are correctly installed they allow any water that splashes out of the pool to flow away and down the deck drains. A couple of other important safety features are that they create a good non-skid surface around the edge of the pool and provide a grip for swimmers to grasp.

For as much as they keep your pool safe and in good shape, they are also a part of the pool’ aesthetic appeal. A creative blend of the tiles and finishing can give your pool a quality look. One of the newest trends in pool copings uses the travertine stone. The travertine copings created at Travertine Locator are made to fit virtually any size or shape of swimming pool. They are made using a process of tumbling that produces the strongest kind of finished stone copings available in the market today.

Types of Travertine Copings

At Travertine Locator, we offer a variety of high quality travertine pool copings at very low prices. We provide free samples of any of our products so you can see for yourself the difference that a high quality stone makes in both durability and appearance.

  • Tumbled copings are our specialty. Whether you are building or remodeling, our tumbled copings come in virtually every shape and size you will need. From pool decks to spas to steps, we have a high quality travertine stone design waiting for you.
  • Remodeling copings are perfect for anyone who is trying to remodel a swimming pool without demolition. These pre-formed pool enhancements were made specifically with the do-it-yourself person in mind. They are designed to easily overlay the existing pool copings, covering blemishes, damage, and uneven copings with a four inch turn.
  • Two inch copings are sold exclusively at Travertine Locator. This design provides the perfect compensation for damage to your pool lip or deck undulation. The high quality stone is made using a specialized tumbling process which produces beautiful stone of excellent quality that can stand up to heat and damage and will reduce trip hazards around the pool.

Trust Travertine Locator

With our low prices and in house processing, you can trust in our team of experts to help you with any type of copings you need. We provide free samples and a 30-day money back guarantee. See for yourself the difference that quality travertine stone will make around your home.