Creative Ways To Provide A Unique Look To Your Pool With Travertine Copings

Travertine has gained popularity in the US for its elegant and one of a kind patterns that let any homeowner create a unique and sophisticated indoor and outdoor spaces. Travertine coping is specifically designed for swimming pools, so they are easy to install even if you already have existing pool copings. You don’t have to remove existing copings, so you can finish the project in a short amount of time.

There are many ways that travertine pool copings can create a unique look for your pool. Tumbled copings have an elegant finish that can go with travertine pavers, which you could consider for your deck. Tumbled travertine pool copings can accentuate your waterline. Their fine texture is perfect for added friction to prevent slipping and sliding. Hence, you can minimize the chances of accidents happening around your pool.

Standard bull nosed travertine pool copings are best for curved edges. Alternatively, there are straight-edged tumbled travertine copings that can be used for traditional rectangular or square pools with more defined edges. Tumbled copings can be used for the stairs of swimming pools, too. If you need some retrofitting or remodeling done, consider two-inch travertine pool copings that are designed to cover any breakage, damage, and blemishes in the stonework. Or you can go for remodeling copings that can give your pool a curvy finish to its edges without any heavy remodeling work. These products can provide a refined and seamless finish to your swimming pool.

Reputable suppliers of natural stone tiles are the best sources of premium grade travertine pool copings. Choose a supplier who has their own quarries in Turkey, so you can be sure to purchase cost effective travertine pool copings and easily add a touch of luxury to your swimming pool.