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Travertine Locator was launched in 2014 with the goal of providing the US market with quality travertine and marble, tiles and pavers at competitive prices in a true e-commerce experience.  Only recently have consumers been able to buy real, natural stone in an e-commerce setting because of all the nuances in buying real stone.  But Travertine Locator has developed this site to bring this industry into the future and allow consumers to make their purchases online like we do for most everything else.

Traditionally real stone has been sold through a sales staff.  This is because real stone is not like man made products and there is a slight learning curve associated with real, natural products.  For instance: no two tiles or pavers are exactly alike.  Or color can vary greatly from one tile to another.  Or even on the same tile you can have a wide swath of color. If you did not know this and expected your materials to come all uniform, you would be in for a terrible shock when it arrived at your site.

Travertine Locator is a direct importer of travertine and marble tiles and pavers from quarries in Turkey.  This material is shipped to our warehouses in Tampa Florida where it is  inspected and stored until we ship directly to you. This eliminates broker and re-seller fees making real, natural stone now really affordable.

At Travertine Locator we are one of the top 3 importers of travertine in the entire U.S. We import more then 6 million square feet of first quality travertine for both interior and exterior applications each year.   Our volume exceeds most other travertine suppliers in gross sales, materials distributed and scope of operations.