A Marble Pool Deck – A Beautiful Addition to Your Outdoor Pool

Whether you are having a new swimming pool constructed in your home or just remodeling an outdoor pool, the significance of a marble pool deck cannot be ignored. A pool deck is among the areas, in your home, that you may be tempted to ignore. However, this region can significantly improve the aesthetic value of your home when properly paved. Since a residential outdoor pool is meant for use by the entire family, it should be designed in a manner that is warm and inviting for all the family members. In this regard, the material used on the deck is important.

The material should not only be appealing to the users of the pool, but also allow all the family members to have fun and excitement in the pool. There are various natural stone pavers that may be used, including travertine, shell stone, marble and limestone. However, it is highly advisable that you purchase marble pavers from the leading suppliers, such as Travertine Locator, for installation on your pool deck.

Why Is Marble a Preferred Pool Coping Option?

Among the main reasons why you should buy from us is that we offer high quality marble pavers, sourced from our quarries, at an affordable price. An increasing number of designers and homeowners are opting for marble pavers because they are easy to maintain, durable, beautiful, strong and do not become slippery when wet. Gone are the days when people were using concrete pool coping. And having our custom fabrication here at our facility we can make any of our pavers into pool coping so that you can have a seamless appearance to your pool coping and deck.

Our Marble Pavers Are Outstanding

While a marble pool deck is one of the preferred pool deck materials, you should always ensure that you get high quality marble for this purpose. Our range of marble pavers are produced in accordance with the industry standards and designed to fit any deck shape and size. Additionally, our custom fabricated marble pool coping are very easy to install. This is mainly because they are prefabricated and feature bull-nosed edges that are smooth.

The tumbled marbled pavers and coping will also give the pool a cohesive and smooth look that blends well with the surrounding. The pavers are also designed to be highly resistant to freeze and thaw. Our marble pool coping and pavers are also resistant to adverse weather conditions and have a high coefficient of friction value, which prevents the pavers from becoming slippery when wet.

You should not only install a marble pool deck and coping in your home because it is aesthetically appealing, but also because it provides a lot of benefits. This is particularly the case for the marble pavers and copingpurchased from Travertine Locator.