4200 sqft Job – Panama City Beach, FL

Anytime you’re envisioning a tropical getaway to Florida, the last thing you want to see in your mind’s eye is a dated and beaten down pool. Who remembers that classic John Candy film Summer Rental? That flick is what comes to mind when I scroll through the “before” pictures of this project. The “after” pictures bring us right back to the modern 21st century where we belong and this gorgeous location is now a setting that will draw visitors back year after year.

Before Images


The setting for this project is the Carillon Beach Resort in Panama City Beach Florida. The shores have soft white powder sand and emerald green waters off of the Gulf of Mexico. The contractor tasked with this much needed makeover is Green Earth Landscaping Service from Santa Rosa Beach Florida.





As you can see from the pictures, this site looked like a candidate for a new show that I made up in my own head called Extreme Resort Makeover. The old existing hardscape consisted only of gray and a brownish concrete with some of them laid on a diagonal pattern. Many areas are seen cracked and damaged perhaps from age and the harsher climate right next to the beautiful Gulf. There’s absolutely nothing that would convey a paradise escape here. In fact, once behind the gates of this pool I would strongly imagine the idea of escaping would be the prominent emotion here.


In Process


This particular job used around 4200 square feet of French Pattern Ivory Select Tumbled Pavers, in addition to using 50 square feet of 6×12 Ivory Select Tumbled Pavers and 460 pieces of 4x9x1-1/2 Ivory Select Tumbled Copings.  Once installed this beautiful pool deck has new life breathed into it. The Ivory Select Pavers brings serene tranquility to this space and when laid in this French pattern a sense of elegance is felt throughout.

Finished Project

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